Foot Massager MASSOMEDIC MM-116

Foot Massager MASSOMEDIC MM-116

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Six buttons on the control panel:

1.On/Off (control the switch of the whole machine)

2.Timing (can be adjusted for 15-20-25-30 minutes, the default is 15 minutes)

  1. Air (the screen shows the C1-C0)

4.Mode (P1-P3)

5.Intensity (9 levels, the intensity gradually increases from L1-L9, choose the level you like)

6.Heating (level from H0 -H1, to promote blood circulation)


  1. Upper feet with full airbag wrapping,
  2. Ankle airbag wrapping 3D pressure.
  3. Toe with kneading and Gu Sha,
  4. Arches with 3D pressure and tapping to help soothing sleep,
  5. Sole heating to promote blood circulation.

(Note: full foot wrap)